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Trip Cancellation & Travel Insurance Protection


Before you Go


Unable to travel due to a cold? Kids making up their snow days on the first day of family vacation? No problem! Trip Cancellation coverage keeps you from losing your vacation expenses if you need to cancel for a covered reason. Want to plan additional activities before you get there? Concierge Services can help you make restaurant reservations, order flowers, arrange tee times and more at your request.


During your Vacation 


Even when everything goes right, vacations can be a stressful time: making flights, renting cars, traveling with young children, finding activities ... the last thing you need is something to go wrong. But if it does, CSA Vacation Rental Insurance can help you keep your cool. With coverage for Baggage Delay, Emergency Assistance, Trip Interruption and more, you can focus on the more important things. Our designated assistance provider can even help with the smaller issues that can plague travelers, such as medical referral and replacement of medication or eyeglasses.


After you're Home 


At CSA Travel Protection we strive to keep our claims process as hassle-free as possible. You will have a dedicated claims representative working with you from start to finish, making sure you receive the responsive, friendly service you need. As identity theft can be a bigger concern while traveling, Identity Theft Resolution Services are included and offer you six months of service after your scheduled departure date. 



As a licensed insurance agent for CSA Travel Protection, HORA can offer you a comprehensive travel protection plan:


Vacation Rental Inurance (Travel Insurance)- which covers Trip Cancellation, Medical Assistance and much more (information below).

Because the unforeseen and unexpected can occur before you leave or when you’re away from home, Travel Insurance is available to make your traveling experience that much more enjoyable and relaxing. Vacation Rental Insurance reimburses for pre-paid non-refundable expenses due to certain unforeseeable circumstances that may cause you to cancel, interrupt or delay your trip. It also provides for certain medical coverages and medical assistance as well as delayed or cancelled flight, lost luggage, etc. We can provide for your protection Vacation Rental Insurance which includes many coverage benefits for a fee of 6.95% (i.e. $69.50 for $1,000 of coverage) of the amount you want to insure. So by example if you want to cover $2,000 of travel expenses then your insurance premium would be $139. This insurance must be requested and paid for at time of reservation through HORA. Terms and conditions apply and are subject to the Insurance Carriers Rules and Regulations.



Coverage                                   Maximum Benefit Limit



Trip Cancellation                    100% of reservation cost    
Trip Interruption                    150% of reservation cost
Travel Delay                          $600
                                          $200 daily limit applies


Baggage                               $1,000


Baggage Delay                       $1,000


Medical and Dental Expense     $25,000


Emergency Assistance            $1,000,000 Per policy
and Transportation


Accidental Death                   $100,000 Per policy
Travel Accident


Rental Car Damage                $25,000 Per policy (N/A to TX residents)




Through CSA's Designated Provider


On Demand Medical Care


Getting sick on vacation is never fun, but it doesn't have to be difficult to find the medical care you need. With just one call, we can provide you with immediate access to on-call physicians, medical advice, even referral to a physician near you using CSA's designated provider network of 30,000 physicians and 850,000 service providers worldwide.


Consult a Doctor™


Connect instantly with a network of physicians for information, advice, and treatment, including prescription medication, when appropriate. Save time and money and get back to enjoying your vacation.


No Out-of-Pocket Medical


If you get sick or injured while traveling, we can get you to a trusted provider and even handle the payment for acute treatments up to $1,000.


24-Hour Emergency Assistance Services


  • Medical Referral
  • Traveling Companion Assistance
  • Emergency Cash Transfer
  • Legal Referral
  • Locating Lost or Stolen Items
  • Vehicle Return
  • Replacement of Medication and Eyeglasses
  • Interpretation/Translation
  • Emergency Message Relay
  • Pet Return


Concierge Services


Provides assistance with arranging golf tee times, locating per services, the purchase of sporting, amusement park or entertainment ticketing, even securing fine dining reservations.


Identity Theft Resolution Services


Included for six months starting on the scheduled departure date.


Roadside Assistance


  • Towing Service
  • Battery Jump
  • Vehicle Winching/Extraction
  • Locksmith Service
  • Minor Roadside Adjustments
  • Flat-Tire Change
  • Fuel Delivery





What services are available to me before, during and after my trip? 


Before and during your trip, a 24-Hour emergency hotline is available to assist you with various travel needs, including medical and legal referrals, emergency cash transfers, pre-travel advice, translation services, identity theft resolution services, concierge services and more. If the unexpected occurs, our customer service representatives will assist you with any claims forms needed, as well as provide you with individualized attention. Upon receipt of your completed claims forms, a dedicated claims agent will be assigned specifically to your case upon your return.


Can my traveling companions and I be insured on the same policy? 


Yes. This is a per reservation policy and everyone staying at the rental under the covered reservation would be insured. However, note that some benefits are subject to policy maximums.


May I add coverage to my policy after I purchase it? 


Yes. If you purchase additional arrangements such as flights, rental car, round of golf, or show tickets prior to your departure date, a simple phone call to HORA will allow you to add coverage.


How does your "no out-of-pocket" service work? 


If you need medical assistance while traveling or en route to trip departure, you can call CSA's 24-hour assistance hotline to get a referral within the CSA designated provider network of 30,000 physicians and 180,000 service providers worldwide. Then when you receive treatment, you simply acknowledge that you received the one-time care, which must be under $1,000, and the physician or service provider will submit paperwork to be reimbursed directly from CSA. This allows you to receive treatment without spending your vacation dollars when the unexpected occurs. If the medical expense is more than $1,000 the standard claims process would be in place.







Trip Cancellation- Up to 100% of Reservation Cost


Provides reimbursement for unused,

nonrefundable payments if your trip must be

canceled or interrupted. Covered reasons

include: mandatory hurricane evacuations;

sickness, injury or death; extension of

school year; armed service leave revocation;

involuntary termination of employment or other

specific reasons listed in the Policy/Certificate

of Insurance.



Trip Interrupiton- Up to 150% of Reservation Cost


Provides reimbursement for unused,

nonrefundable payments as well as subsequent

arrangements and additional transportation

costs. Covered reasons include: mandatory

hurricane evacuations; sickness, injury or death;

or other specific reasons listed in the Policy/

Certificate of Insurance.


Travel Delay-


$200 Per Person

Daily Limit Applies

Provides reimbursement for reasonable

expenses incurred such as accommodations,

meals and local transportation, even additional

kenneling fees if you are delayed 12 hours or

more during your trip due to a covered reason.


Baggage and Personal Effects-


Provides coverage for loss, theft or damage to

your baggage and personal effects including

sports equipment, during your covered trip.


Baggage Delay-


Provides reimbursement for the emergency

purchase of necessary items including sports

equipment, if baggage is delayed for more than

24 hours during your covered trip.


Medical or Dental Expense-


Provides coverage for necessary medical,

surgical and emergency dental care costs in

excess of your standard coverage if you become

sick or accidentally injured while on your

covered trip.


Emergency Assistance-

Emergency Medical Transportation

$1,000,000 Per Policy

If you become sick or injured on a trip, benefits

are provided such as: arrange transportation to

the nearest suitable medical facility; help you

return home, if medically necessary; provide

round-trip economy air fare for a companion

to visit you if you are traveling alone and are

hospitalized for more than 7 days.


Travel Accident-

$100,000 Per Policy

Provides coverage for loss of limb or life in the

event of an accident while traveling, or within

180 days of that event.


Rental Car Damage-

Not available to

residents of OR or TX

$25,000 Per Policy

Provides primary coverage if your rental car

is damaged due to collision, fire, flood, theft,

vandalism, wind storm or hail.