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“My stay was absolutely fabulous. Mark was very helpful and he made himself available from the time I reserved the suite, and even after I checked out. I would definitely stay here again. HORA has the most modern of appliances and decor. I am looking forward to my next stay already and I have told family and friends about my experience and they also have expressed interest.” 

- Review by Ernest S, recent guest apartment 718

Aug 15 2018

Miami, Florida, US

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Terms and Conditions

(Updated August 2016)

Payment Options:  All major credit cards are accepted - Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover. We also accept domestic bank-to-bank transfers to our Citibank account as a free service (international bank wire transfers are $35). Personal or business checks on U.S. banks or U.S. postal money orders may be acceptable if payment is received minimum 60 days before arrival.


Rates: Our rates include daily resort fees, Wi-Fi and Telephone Service for U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico in rooms where available. Individual property calendars display nightly rates which do not include additional fees such as sales tax, cleaning, registration, and processing fees. These fees, including sales tax, are shown after you select dates, then click “QUICK QUOTE”, and then “CLICK TO BOOK” bringing you to a new page with breakdown of fees. There will also be option to add Travel Insurance or Property Damage Protection to your reservation upon checkout. Total rates are also in part based on number of occupants (see unit descriptions).


Sales Taxes: Florida State, City & County, and Occupancy tax is currently a combined 14%. Taxes are added to final quote.


Payment Policy: Reservations made within 60 days to arrival require full payment at time of booking. Reservations made more than 60 days prior to arrival will be provided payment schedule for 25% down payment (non-refundable initial deposit) and total balance (final payment) due 30 days prior to arrival.


Cancellation Policy:  A cancellation made more than 60 days from arrival incurs a 25% cancellation fee, on total reservation amount. A cancellation made between 30 and 60 days from arrival incurs a 50% cancellation fee of total reservation. Cancellations 30 days or less from arrival are non-refundable and total reservation amount is assessed. Holidays and Special Event rentals are to be paid in full at time of booking and are non-refundable, if cancelled. These dates include- Christmas, New Years, President’s Week, Boat Show, Music Festival, Easter and Passover, Memorial Day, Caribbean Festival, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Art Basil. To protect your rental payment, we recommend that you review and purchase Travel Insurance to protect your vacation expenditures (flights, vacation rental, emergency service, etc.) by reimbursing you for out-of-pocket nonrefundable expenses when covered as an insurable expense. See below).


• A reservation is officially canceled when the guest notifies HORA in writing, by e-mail to indicating reason for cancellation. Only once Guest has received a confirming reply email from HORA that acknowledges receipt of such cancellation notice is a reservation canceled.

• If guest arrives and decides to leave early, the nights not spent are non-refundable.

• HORA, in its sole discretion, has the final say in all disputes regarding refunds outside of the cancellation policy.


Notice: The Alexander is currently going through renovations and construction projects causing disturbances and balcony closures. Construction is taking place between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm Monday- Friday and never on holidays or weekends. We make every effort to assign units that are not directly affected by these disturbances. Other resort amenities may be intermittently closed during these times. The larger newer pool is open as well as access to beautiful beach is open. Based on unforeseen circumstances that may prevent assigning a specific unit (such as unexpected maintenance), we will assign an alternate unit in the same building of equal or greater value. In the event of disturbances such as construction noise, we make every effort to resolve these issues, but do not take responsibility or provide refunds if these types of disturbances occur during weekdays between the hours of 9am to 5pm.


Checkout Cleaning Fee: All reservations incur a Checkout Cleaning Fee. This special cleaning occurs after checkout in preparation for next guests stay. This fee is typically $175, $200, or $300 per stay and varies based on size of unit and number of guests. Interim cleanings, replacement towels, and other extra services are additional and charged against your credit card on file as a separate charge. Services provided by the Hotel or Condominium such as spa, hair salon, valet parking, restaurant, gift shop, bar, beach rentals and water sports, etc. are payable directly to those service providers at time of service.


Registration Fee and Damage Waiver: All reservations made through our website include a combined Registration Fee and Damage Waiver Fee at time of reservation. Damage Waiver protects accidental damage that may occur during your stay up to $500 dollars of damage (i.e. accidental spills, staining a rug or blanket, scratched furniture, broken glassware, etc.). We hope you understand this isn't license to be careless, we trust that you and members in your party treat our property as if it was your own. Because we know accidents can occur, we provide additional peace of mind by providing a $500 accidental damage waiver to our guests. This will cover up to $500 for cleaning or replacement costs but any costs exceeding $500 you (guests) are responsible for. If damage occurs because of recklessness, or intentional conduct such as misuse of towels for makeup removal, smoking in the apartment, or any violation that will require deep cleaning or deodorizing, any such violation is not covered under our accidental damage waiver. We therefore maintain your authorization to charge your credit or debit card for any house rule violation to recover full cost of any damage remediation’s (see also Security Deposit below).


Parking: The Alexander has valet parking as option currently $26 per day. Commercial or larger vehicles may not be able to park, but you may be able to arrange with building valet parking attendants – no guarantees. You park at your own risk and HORA is not responsible for any theft or damage. There is also a municipal parking lot one block north for $1 per hour, or $10 per day (paid remotely using mobile app). Seacoast valet parking is $12 per day or $60 monthly. At the Fontainebleau valet parking for one vehicle is included.

Check-In/Out: Regular check-in time is 4 pm, Regular check-out time is 11 am. Early check-in or late check-out must be requested at time of reservation and arranged in advance in writing (via email). For guaranteed early check-in or late check-out, additional fees will apply as we lose the ability to rent the apartment the night before early check-in or the night after late checkout.  $50 for 1 bedroom, $75 for 2 bedrooms, $100 for 3 bedrooms and $125 for 4 or more bedroom apartments, per hour, is the current rate for early check-in or late check-out. You may also pay half day rate (whatever is less) to check-in as early as 12 pm noon or check-out as late as 3 pm.

Courtesy early check-in or late check-out (courtesy of one hour) is available based solely on whether we have guests checking out same day you arrive or whether new guest is checking in same day you depart. We will only know this 24 hours in advance due to last minute reservations.


Security Deposit (property damage): Depending on the number of guests, ages of guests, and the unit being rented, you authorize us to put a hold on your credit or debit card, a required $500, $750 or a $1,000 for a Refundable Damage Security Deposit. An authorization hold on your debit or credit card is the practice within the rental industry of authorizing a certain amount for Security Deposit and holding this balance as unavailable in your account until transaction is cleared subject to no damage or violations. Therefore, this is a hold and not a charge to your card. Funds are cleared back to your account usually within 2 to 5 business days after checkout. You also authorize us to charge any amount to replace or fix damages that may have occurred during your stay due to violation of House Rules. We would hold your authorized payment (Security Deposit) and object to issuing a partial or full refund due to violation of House Rules (i.e. smoking in apartment, pets, excess debris or trash, leaving apartment in very cluttered or unsanitary condition, unauthorized late checkout, missing items, damage to property, or additional unauthorized guests were found sleeping in unit - see House Rules below for more details). These are some examples of causes to withhold the Security Deposit or to charge your card for damages or violations.


Travel Insurance (Trip Cancellation Insurance): As a licensed travel insurance agent in the State of Florida, we offer travel insurance by Rental Guardian and CSA Travel Protection. Travel Insurance covers reimbursement of non-refundable trip expenses in event of a delay or cancellation of trip. Travel Protection reimburses 100% of traveler's non-refundable trip costs for losses due to unforeseen covered reasons. In addition, we offer a "CANCEL TRIP FOR ANY REASON PLAN" which reimburses 75% of non-refundable trip costs if trip is cancelled for any reason not listed in the policy. Read further and see links below. 

We want to do everything possible to help make sure you are traveling safe with peace of mind throughout your journey.  Because the unexpected can occur when you’re away from home, Travel Insurance provides added protection and security; as a licensed agent we can offer this protection to you. Travel Insurance covers reimbursement of non-refundable expenses in the event of trip cancellation. Coverage also provides emergency assistance and certain medical coverage during your trip, rental car damage, delayed or canceled flight, lost luggage, and other additional benefits such as concierge services. You may insure any amount you want up to $50,000 of expenses and may include any nonrefundable insurable expense such as, i.e. tickets to events, airline tickets, nonrefundable payments for vacation rental apartment, deposits, etc.

For example, to cover $1000 of travel expenses, your cost for this coverage would be $70 (or 7% of the amount you decide to insure). Other benefits include up to $1,000,000 in emergency medical assistance, $25,000 in rental car damage, and trip interruption coverage. Terms and conditions apply and are subject to the Insurance Carriers Rules and Regulations.



Full Details-   

CSA Protection details can be found at

Occupancy: When making your reservation the rate is calculated in part based on the number of guests occupying the unit that you contracted for. If it is determined that additional unauthorized guests slept in the apartment an additional $35 charge plus tax, per person per night will be charged to your credit card on file. If the number of guests exceeds the room limit listed on our website, a $200 per night penalty will be charged to your card. The maximum occupancy allowed in a specific apartment is listed on our website on each individual unit property page. Once reserved for a certain guest count we do not refund if fewer guest actually end up staying in unit.


Wi-Fi Internet, Cable TV and Telephone Service: Most all units have Wi-Fi (VOIP Phone Service available in most units) and are included free of charge. We are not responsible if any of these services are interrupted or for the upload or download speed but will try our best to have any technical issues repaired as soon as possible. If you don't see a Wi-Fi Network ID for your apartment check that cable modem and wireless router are plugged in to electric outlet. If you don't see your network. and you have checked the modem and router connection, contact us with what other network ID’s are visible with a strong signals and we may be able to provide the password for that network.


Personal Valuables: As in any resort, proper precaution should be taken to protect your personal property. Building, cleaning and management personnel have access to each unit for cleaning and maintenance and or emergency purposes. Owner, Rental Agent, Condominium Association, Hotel, and Property Manager are not responsible for any items lost or stolen. It is your responsibility to secure any personal valuables. Most apartments have a small safe (usually in master bedroom closet) available for safekeeping your valuables; however, we take no responsibility for any of your or your guest’s valuables as these safes may be penetrable. Building security and local police should be notified immediately in the event of any loss or security issue.


Entry and Inspection: Rental Agent or its representatives reserve the right to enter the Property at reasonable times and with reasonable advance notice for the purposes of cleaning, inspecting, or showing the Property to prospective purchasers, renters, or other authorized persons, or for the retrieval of supplies from storage areas. If Rental Agent has a reasonable belief that there is imminent danger to any person or property, Rental Agent or its employees or representatives, may enter the Property without advance notice. If you don’t want to be disturbed, please hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign outside of your door.



House Rules:


 • Missing or Damaged Items: You will be charged for any missing or damaged items from or in the apartment. Be sure to leave all remote controls and other electronic items such as TV remotes, portable telephones and fan/light remotes all in their respective places.


 • Towels: The Alexander Resort provides complimentary towels at the pool. Never bring towels or blankets from our apartment to the pool or beach. Do not use wash cloths, hand towels or bath towels for cleaning purposes, makeup or cosmetic removal or for other uses which will stain or damage the towels or blankets. You will be charged replacement costs for any ruined towels. Replacement towels are available upon emailing us, in advance, or calling our caretaker, at a cost of $25 plus tax for a set of 6 towels, each set contains a bath towel, hand towel and wash cloth.


 • Noise Ordinance: Miami Beach and our properties maintain an ordinance for disturbances in multi dwelling buildings. No excess noise, on weekdays before 9am and after 10pm, and Weekends (Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays) before 10am and after 11pm. Police have the authority to escort you from the premises if you violate this rule. Construction is only permitted weekdays between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm.


• Occupancy: Guest agrees that no more than the authorized number of guests shall sleep in the unit at any time during the Rental Term. If it is determined that additional unauthorized guests slept in the apartment an additional charge per guest per night will be applied. All sleeping guests and visiting guests shall comply with the conditions and restrictions imposed under this Agreement and House Rules.


 • Non-Smoking: All of our units and properties in all locations are non-smoking including the entire Alexander, Seacoast, and Fontainebleau buildings. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the building. Smoking in an apartment or balcony can result in a fine of $250-$500 against your credit or debit card, or withheld from Security Deposit to be used to deodorize and clean the apartment.


 • No Pets: Only Service pets (certified) are permitted with prior approval. Service pets must be carried or leashed at all times on the property. A $250 charge is required for “deep cleaning” for any pets. Please disclose this requirement at time of your reservation. Failure to do so will result in $250 penalty charge as well as the $250 “deep cleaning” charge.


 • Excess Debris: Additional fees determined solely by HORA will be applied to credit card on file for excess cleaning charge if apartment is left littered with debris and/or trash. Please leave apartment in a reasonably clean condition and treat our property as you would your own. We recommend that longer stays (4 nights or more) have interim cleanings. Reservations longer than 7 nights require interim cleanings once weekly at a minimum. Interim cleanings can be arranged through HORA via email and additional charges will apply based on cleaning type. Our caretaker can provide personal laundry service as well as grocery shopping and other concierge services.


• Trash Removal: Trash must be removed and disposed of daily in the garbage chute located in the service area in room next to elevator on each floor. Please do not dispose of paper towels, facial tissues, or sanitary napkins in toilets.




• Follow “Pool Rules and Regulations” posted at all times.

• Shirts and shoes must be worn in the building common areas at all times.

• Never bring items covered with sand into building or apartment.

• You are required to check out of apartment at agreed upon check-out time. If you are found to have overstayed checkout, a full-day rate will be applied to your credit card on file.

• Always leave air conditioner running leaving thermostats between 71 and 73 degrees when leaving apartment or upon checkout. Thermostats should be set on COOL and AUTO.

• Please close lights and window shades to save energy.

• Be sure to return any manual keys before checkout.

• Do not leave windows or doors open.

• Be sure to leave room safe open before checkout.

• Check all outlets for phone and tablet chargers.