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We are a specialized private pay program offering an alternative lifestyle this winter for kosher senior clientele directly on the beach and boardwalk.

Our program provides support services and daily necessities with independent living. Family can relax knowing the needs of parents are being attended to and cared for with the ultimate in comfort, nutritious food and safe socialization.

Join us in sunny and safe Miami Beach for an upscale kosher program with personal concierge services. 




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Winter is Coming… 

Get out of the cold and into the warmth of Miami Beach and our famous 5 Star HORA Hospitality. 

In Miami Beach you can enjoy warm weather, fine cuisine and a program tailored for kosher seniors, directly on the beach and boardwalk.


Kosher Concierge Living by HORA, Provides…

  • Comfortable private accommodations

  • Delectable glatt kosher meals (KM Hashgacha)

  • Housekeeping (CDC guidelines)

  • A stimulating, safe atmosphere with social activities 

  • Specialized needs attended to with care and concern



This is a high quality, exclusive program being offered to a limited number of qualified seniors for a winter away from isolation and the harsh bitter cold. This is not an assisted living facility or a nursing home. It’s a unique concept of independent living in a condominium hotel while being provided essential and other services.

For your safety social protocols are followed in public spaces and during group activities. You will love the living accommodations with the comfort of a full apartment. Each guest or couple has their own private 2 bedroom 2 bathroom unit with a full kitchen, living room, dining area and a balcony with ocean views.

Glatt kosher meals are prepared fresh daily and delivered hot in the privacy of your apartment. On Shabbos, alternatively, meals can be had in our safe group setting dining room. All personal concierge services such as laundry, shopping and appointments are coordinated. We have a certified experienced MSW and program coordinator on staff. Regular communication with family is provided. Caretakers or companions are welcome.

We start the program with a thorough intake of information, in collaboration with the client and family, and designing the individualized program that best fits the client’s needs.

On the travel day will be meeting the guest(s) at the Miami or Ft. Lauderdale Airport, provide transportation to the apartment and assist with unpacking and familiarizing the client(s) with the building and program.

We continue with personalized attention throughout the season providing individualized services and keeping the family informed regularly.

Program Dates.

December 15 through March 15, 2021. (1 month minimum stay required).


Inclusive of transportation from and to airport, housekeeping, 2 catered hot meals daily, weekly personal laundry and social program.

$15,500 monthly per couple,

based on double occupancy for 2 persons, with private accommodations per individual in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment;

$12,500 single occupancy in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment;

$3,500 for caretaker or aide sharing an apartment meals provided.

We are owners and managers of dozens of luxury apartments at the Alexander Condominium Hotel, directly on Miami Beach known as Millionaires Row. We provide hospitality services with special attention for the shomer shabbos community. Our building has accessibility to a heated pool, hot tub, gym, the boardwalk and beach, with no steps. Our program includes two Glatt kosher catered hot meals daily, housekeeping, social program and concierge services including personal laundry and shopping. Available in our building is a hair and nail salon. Massage and other therapies are available privately. Shabbos elevator and Shabbos davening on location.

We have partnered with the Glatt Kosher in house caterer who will supply hot gourmet heimish meals twice daily. Famous for our exceptional hospitality we have added an experienced social worker and activities coordinator for this program.

Planned are group exercise classes, lectures, movie and game nights and other appropriate activities, while maintaining proper protocols to keep guests safe. Cable TV and WiFi in each bedroom and in the living room.

Newspapers delivered upon request.

Dining-At this time for the safety of all we are offering room service of two hot meals, delivered to each apartment daily. As an option Shabbos meals can be done as a group in our dining room following safe social distancing. Menus are provided weekly in advance with write-ins or special requests available. Brunch is dairy except for Shabbos lunch which is meat. Dinners are meat except Monday and Thursday nights which are dairy.

All apartment entry doors have a digital lock with manual keys provided for Shabbos. Each unit are supplied with bed linens, blankets, pillows and towels, toilet paper, facial tissues, paper towels, napkins, sponges, hotel type bath shampoos, lotion and soap. Kitchens are kashered with basic utensils, dishes, glassware and cutlery provided. Shabbos tea light candles, havdalah set, kiddush cup, hot water urn and hot plate included.

Seasonal rentals available for walkers, wheelchairs, bed rails, commodes, 24 hour Emergency panic button and monitoring available.


Shabbos Davening

(weekday davening may be available on site or within a few blocks)


Step, Stretch and Tone Exercise

Boardwalk Strolls

Movie Night on Location

Bingo, Board Games, Rumikub, Mahjong and Dominoes


Housekeeping-Included in rental package we provide daily housekeeping service which includes dusting, refresh beds, towel replacement, bathroom sanitizing, washing of kitchen dishes and utensils, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and trash removal. Bed linens and personal laundry is provided weekly. Personal laundry will be folded but not ironed. (dry cleaning additional fees apply).

Food Services-besides two hot meals daily we will provide each kitchen with basic supplies including bottled water, regular and decaffeinated instant coffee, sugar, artificial sweeteners, powdered coffee whitener, tea bags, salt, pepper, disposable drinking and hot cups, paper plates and bowls, plastic cutlery.

Shopping Services-Additional fees apply for groceries or other supplies and paid with guest’s credit card on file or monies deposited on account. For individual needs each apartment will be provided each Monday, with a complete shopping list for both groceries and non-prescription pharmaceuticals. Orders will be filled and delivered to each apartment on Wednesday. If the guest is not able, we encourage family members to complete this through an e-mail process. Pharmaceutical prescription drugs should be arranged with either the local CVS or Walgreens and we will arrange for delivery as needed.

Driving-Appointments at local therapies or at Doctors are handled by guest or by a family member and transportation is door diets with our Social Worker. We are to be notified in advance when possible and will, if required, accompany the guest by UBER to and from the appointment. $50 fee for first hour includes transportation and $15 each 30 minute segments thereafter.

Personal Shopping Outing-In the event a guest wants to be taken to a destination for personal shopping, whether for food, clothing, gifts or browsing, arrangements can be made with 72 hours notice. Rates will be $50 for the first hour and $35 per hour plus cost of transportation by UBER. 3 hour minimum charge.

Packages and Deliveries-We will accept all packages shipped to guest and deliver to the apartment.

Hair and or Nail Appointments-Our building has a salon on the 4th floor. Advance appointments are needed. Guests pay directly for these services.

Occupational, Physical and Massage Therapy-We provide contact information for therapists to do in-suite therapy. Guests pay directly for these services.

Trip Cancellation Insurance- Coverage is available which includes disruptions due to COVID-19. We will provide information on these rated carriers and will require that insurance be purchased simultaneously when contracting for the program. Costs of insurance is approximately 10% of the contract amount.


Please click and fill out this FORM to receive additional information.

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