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Rates and Fees: Our nightly rates include daily resort fees, wi-fi and land line Telephone Service for U.S. and Canada, where available. Total rates and fees are based in part on number of occupants (see unit description and pricing). We have no hidded fees as other listings may have. Taxes, registration, resort fees and checkout cleaning fees are all included in final amount you see.


Sales Taxes: Miami Beach taxes are currently (as of Jan 2023) combined to total 14%. Breakdown - Florida State sales tax (6%) Miami-Dade County sales surtax (1%) Miami-Dade County Convention Center Tax (3%) Miami Beach Resort Occupancy Tax (4%). When you make the booking we collect and remit all these taxes through a tax service company. 


IMPORTANT: For your protection we recommend purchasing Trip Cancellation Insurance. We strongly suggest you consider insurance to protect your payments but also for  many other benefits as well with coverages such as lost luggage, certain emergency medical expenses and more. This may protect your advanced payments and expenses for your entire trip (including flights, apartment rental, and other non refundable deposits). See

Checkout Cleaning Fee: All reservations include a Checkout Cleaning Fee. Checkout cleaning is provided after guest departs in preparation for next guests arrival. The checkout cleaning fee varies based on size of unit and number of guests. Optional interim cleanings (daily cleanings), replacement towels, and other extra services are offered for additional charge and are paid for either by your credit card on file as a separate charge or by Venmo or Zelle. Services provided by the Hotel or Condominium such as spa, hair salon, valet parking, restaurant, gift shop, bar, beach lounge rentals and water sports, etc. are payable directly to those service providers separately at time of service.


Parking: Rates are subject to change. Currently the Alexander has valet parking as only option and for standard cars is $35 per weekday and $40 on weekends. See pricing chart posted at valet upon arrival. Commercial or larger vehicles such as vans may not be able to park indoors, but you may be able to arrange with valet parking attendants to park these oversized vehicles outside – no guarantees but generally available. Valet service is responsible for parking. HORA or the Hotel is not responsible for any theft or damage. The Valet Parking Company is. There is also a municipal parking lot one block north for $1.50 per hour, or $15 per day (paid using a mobile app).

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made more than 30 days from arrival incur a 25% cancellation fee, effectively forfeiting your non-refundable 25% deposit. Cancellations 30 days or less from arrival are non-refundable.

We highly recommend taking out Travel Insurance which may protect expenses laid out for your entire vacation (including flights, rental deposits, lost luggage etc.). Travel Protection will reimburse covered out-of-pocket expenses as well as provide medical emergency assistance. See for coverage details. 


Security Deposit: All bookings require a refundable Security Deposit of $250 taken as a hold/authorization on your credit or debit card and processed at the front desk at time of check-in. The Security Deposit is intended to cover damages that may occur during your stay (although you are responsible for total amount of damage cost, if any) and to ensure the return of the security access bracelets and pool towel tokens or cards upon checkout. When the front desk receives these items with a confirmation that no property damage was reported, the security deposit will be released to the same card provided at check-in. Cash is not accepted. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Other than normal wear and tear, Guest agrees to be responsible for any loss or damage caused to the property and if found to be in violation of Terms and House Rules, Guest may be subject to additional charges not limited to the Security Deposit, but rather to the total cost of such repairs or costs associated to remediate the loss, damage, or violation that occurred. Guest provides authorization to charge additional amounts by credit card on file if applicable. Violations that may incur charges include, but are not limited to, additional unauthorized number of guests sleeping in unit, smoking in or around unit, leaving apartment in excessively messy, unclean, or unsanitary condition, physical damage to property, missing items, unauthorized pets, or if overstaying agreed checkout time or day.

Notice: The Alexander is a residential mixed use condominium and contains both vacation rental units and owner occupied units. Renovations approved by the Alexander Condominium Association may occur in units surrounding the unit you have reserved. We have no way to prohibit this from continuing. Work is only allowed on non legal holidays, not on weekends and only from 9 am to 5 pm a Mondays through Fridays. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Our property has recently completed a multi million dollar renovation of the interior and exterior of the building. Both upper and lower pools, Tiki bar, restaurant, and mezzanine pool deck are now open and in full operation. In the rare event that an unexpected emergency maintenance issue occurs before or during your stay, a unit will be assigned that is of equal or greater value to the unit reserved. This is not a common occurrence and rarely if ever occurs. 

Disclaimer Regarding Infant and Toddler Items - Although we provide, on a complimentary basis, pack and plays, high chairs and with cabana rentals pool and beach toys, we accept NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY as to the use, safety or condition of these items. For our mutual concern due to possible allergens to commercial detergents and other unknown elements or safety factors we don’t provide sheets, linens, pillows or blankets for use by infants or toddlers. We recommend that you provide such items yourself. 

Check-in and Check-out time: 4pm is regular check-in time and 11am is standard check-out time. Any other check-in or check-out time arrangements must be agreed to in writing by email. For guaranteed early check-in or late check-out, additional fees may apply. Courtesy 1 hour early check-in or late check-out is available based solely on whether we have or don’t have back-to-back reservations. We will only know this 24 hours in advance. We are happy to accommodate your request but please inquire with us and don’t assume it’s available until we provide a written confirmation. Earlier check ins or later check outs beyond our 1 hour courtesy policy, if available, incurs a $50-$100 hourly charge depending on dates and number of occupants and size of apartment. We are happy to quote you accordingly.

Occupancy: Guest agrees that no more than the total authorized number of Guests submitted in original booking shall be permitted to occupy the unit at any time (for sleeping/lodging) during the rental term. All guests and visiting guests shall comply with the conditions and restrictions imposed upon guest or visitor under this agreement. A penalty of $100 per night per guest will be charged if determined that more than authorized number of guests occupied unit and possibly unauthorized guests will be asked to leave the property.


Non-Smoking: All properties in all locations are non-smoking and non vaping. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the building. Smoking in an apartment or balcony can result in a fine of $250-$500 against your credit or debit card, or withheld from Security Deposit to be used to deodorize and clean the apartment. Building security is permitted by law to “evict” offenders.

Noise Ordinance: Miami Beach and our properties maintain an ordinance for disturbances in multi dwelling buildings. No excess noise, on weekdays before 9am and after 10pm, and Weekends (Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays) before 10am and after 11pm. Building Security or the Police have the authority to escort you from the premises if you violate this rule.

No Pets: Only Service pets (certified) and informed in advance when making reservations are permitted with prior approval. Service pets must be carried or leashed at all times on the property. A $250 charge is required for “deep cleaning” for any pets. Please disclose this requirement at time of your reservation. Failure to do so will result in $250 penalty charge as well as the $250 “deep cleaning” charge.

Excess Debris: Additional fees determined solely by HORA will be applied to credit card on file for excess cleaning charge if apartment is left littered with debris and/or trash. Please leave apartment in a reasonably clean condition and treat our property as you would your own. We recommend that longer stays (4 nights or more) have interim cleanings. Reservations longer than 7 nights require interim cleanings once weekly at a minimum. Interim cleanings can be arranged through HORA via email and additional charges will apply based on cleaning type. 

Trash Removal: As a courtesy, trash may be removed daily by one of our cleaning staff. As is the policy in any Hotel setting, our staff, both housekeeping and maintenance persons, are permitted to access apartments at anytime during regular hours. Of course they are told to knock and wait for a response. If no response is heard, they will enter using their own code. We know whose code is used and at what times. If service is not wanted you MUST place the Do Not Disturb sign on the outside of the door HOWEVER you are then responsible to empty trash daily in the trash room located next to the elevators on each floor. DO NOT LEAVE TRASH IN HALLWAYS.

If for some reason trash was not removed, please remove and dispose of trash in the garbage chute located in the service room next to elevator landing on each floor.


Towels: The Alexander provides complimentary towels at the pool when you provide your room number. Never bring towels or blankets from our apartment to the pool or beach. Pool towels must be returned to the pool attendant before sundown each day or your card will be charged $15 per towel for replacement costs. Do not use wash cloths, hand towels or bath towels for cleaning purposes, makeup or cosmetic removal or for other uses which will permanently stain or damage our towels or blankets. You will be charged for replacement costs for any ruined towels. Additional bath towels are available by emailing us, in advance, or calling our caretaker, at a cost of $25 plus tax for 6 sets of towels, each set contains a bath towel, hand towel and wash cloth.


Wi-Fi Internet, Cable TV and Telephone Service: All units have Wi-Fi (VOIP Phone Service available in most units) and are included free of charge. We are not responsible if any of these services are interrupted or for the upload or download speed but will try our best to have any technical issues repaired as soon as possible. If you don't see a Wi-Fi Network ID for your apartment check that cable modem and wireless router are plugged in to electric outlet. If you don't see your network. and you have checked the modem and router connection, contact us with what other network ID’s are visible with strong signals and we may be able to provide the password for that network.


Condition and Use of the Property: Please do not dispose of paper towels, facial tissues, or sanitary napkins in toilets as this can cause back ups. The property is provided in “as is” condition and for transient rental purposes. Owner or rental agent shall use its best effort to ensure the operation of all amenities in the property, such as elevator access, internet wifi, cable TV, swimming pools or hot tubs, and central air conditioning. Rental agent shall not be held responsible for inconvenience caused by construction or noise from occurring in or around the building or for any items failure to work, but will make every effort to correct any issues as reported, as quickly as possible.


Guest shall use the property for lawful residential purposes only and in a careful manner to prevent any damage or loss to the property and keep the property in clean and sanitary condition at all times. Guest and any additional guests accompanying the registered guests shall refrain from loud noise and shall not disturb, annoy, endanger, or inconvenience neighbors. Nor shall guest use the property for any immoral, offensive or unlawful purposes, nor violate any law, building condominium association rules or ordinance, nor commit disturbances or nuisances on or about the property. Guest acknowledges that use of amenities such as fitness center, hot tubs, pools, spas, balconies, and the like may be potentially dangerous and involve potential risks - particularly with regard to children - and such use is at the guest’s own risk. See RISK OF LOSS AND INDEMNIFICATION and RELEASE paragraphs below.


Default and Holdover: If guest(s) should fail to comply with the conditions and obligations of these terms, guest shall surrender the property, remove all Guest’s property and leave the property in good order and free of damage. No refund of any portion of the total rent payment amount shall be made. Guests who do not check out on time may have their possessions bagged and stored without liability to owner, rental agent, or HORA MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, LLC.


Entry and Inspection: Rental Agent, Owner, or Owners representatives including housekeeping and maintenance reserve the right to enter the property at reasonable times, with or without advance notice for the purposes of an emergency, maintenance issue, cleaning, inspecting, showing of property, trash removal, or for the retrieval of supplies. Our housekeeping staff collects garbage and inspects apartments daily. This is our procedure to be sure apartments are being respected and nothing is leaking or damaged. Rental Agent or its representatives will always knock before entering. As property managers we maintain almost 5-star review ratings and always have our guests best interests in mind. We most certainly want you to enjoy your stay and are not looking to disturb or invade any privacy. Please visit our reviews for reassurances of prior guests satisfaction with our services. If rental agent, building management, owner, or owner's representative has a reasonable belief that there is imminent danger to any person or property, they may enter the property at any time without advance notice.


Assignment or Sublease: Guest shall not assign or sublease the Unit/Property or permit the use of any portion of the Unit by other persons who are not family members or guests of the Guest and included within the number of authorized as permitted occupants under this Agreement/Reservation. The Guest must be present at the property during the stay.


Unavailability of Property: In the event the property is not available for use during the rental term due to reasons, events or circumstances beyond the control of rental agent or property owner (force majeure), rental agent will apply due diligence and good faith efforts to locate a replacement property that equals or exceeds the property with respect to occupancy capacity, location and value that meets the reasonable satisfaction of the guest. If such replacement property cannot be found and made available, rental agent shall return all payments made by the guest to HORA, whereupon this agreement shall be terminated and guest, owner, alexander hotel, condominium association, manager and rental agent shall have no further obligations or liabilities in any manner pertaining to this agreement, to this guest, and to this reservation.


Risk of Loss and Indemnification: Guest agrees that all personal property, furnishings, personal effects and other items brought into the property by guest or authorized guests and visitors shall be at the sole risk of guest with regard to any theft, damage, destruction or other loss and property owner, rental agent, manager or condominium association shall not be responsible or liable for any reason whatsoever. 


Limitations of Liability: Our maximum liability for losses you suffer as a result of a breach of this contract is strictly limited to the monetary amounts received by us in relation to your booking. Guest and accompanying guests agree to solely assume the risk of injury, illness or death, or any other loss or injury, whether physical or psychological. We are not responsible for guest(s) use of any athletic or recreational equipment; or for the negligence or wrongdoing of any independent contractors, including but not limited to, housekeepers, hotel, restaurant, pool(s), spa, or building personnel, or for events taking place at the Property or in our Unit or on the balcony of Unit. We hereby disclaim all liability to the guest(s) for damages for emotional distress, mental suffering or psychological injury of any kind under any circumstances, when such damages were neither the result of a physical injury to the guest(s), nor the result of guest(s) having been at actual risk of physical injury, nor were intentionally inflicted by us. Without limiting the preceding sentence, in no event will we be liable to guest(s) for any consequential, incidental, exemplary or punitive damages.


Release and Liability Waiver: Guest (“Releasor”) hereby waives and releases any claims against the Alexander condominium association, rental agent, the property owner, the alexander hotel and their successors, assigns, employees or representatives, officially or otherwise (‘us” or “we” or “our”) for any injuries, illness or death that may be sustained by guest (or authorized or permitted guests) on or near or adjacent to the property, including any common facilities, activities or amenities. Guest agrees to use any such facilities or amenities entirely at the guest’s own initiative, risk and responsibility.


Guest acknowledges that they and all guests or visitors accompanying them are the responsibility of the Guest, and have been informed and are aware that:

1.           That the pool, spa, ocean, water sports, gym, sauna and steam room, poses a risk to any and all guests on the property. Guest also understands and acknowledges that the use of other equipment (including recreational equipment) and facilities provided by Owner or Agent and participation in outdoor activities, involves risks including, but not limited to the following: risk of property damage, bodily injury, including, but not limited to permanent disability, paralysis, and possibly death. These risks may result from a variety of circumstances including, but not limited to, the use or misuse of the equipment or facilities, from the activity itself, from the acts of myself or others, or from the unavailability of emergency medical care.

2.           There is no fence around the pool and/or spa.

3.           Pools and hot tubs that are equipped with heaters are not guaranteed to sustain any constant temperature. Please note that pool temperatures vary due to certain circumstances, including but not limited to: wind, rain, low temperatures, storms, sand, fungus or algae caused by extreme temperatures, excessive use or contamination by Guests. There shall be no compensation for any loss of use. Any damage to the pool and/or spa caused by Guest and any other persons on Property during the agreed upon Rental Period, including but not limited to: broken glass or other items introduced into the pool, contamination of the water, damage to the automatic cleaners or equipment, or excessive loss of water will result in charges to the Guest for correction of the problem.

4.           When and if the spa is used, which includes sauna, steam room, and hot tubs, Guest will be responsible for turning on and shutting off the spa.

5.           Guest is also aware that staying at the Property involves risks that may result in serious bodily injury and/or death. Some of the risks include, but are not limited to, drowning, slips, trips, falls, cuts, adverse weather conditions, the acts or omissions of guests or visitors on the Property during my stay, and the condition of the Property. I understand that the description of the risks in this Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Assumption of Risk (the “Document”) is not complete and that other risks or events that are known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated may result in serious bodily injury and or/death.

6.           In consideration of being permitted to rent and stay at the Property, Guest agrees on their own behalf and on behalf of their family and guests and on behalf of their children and all minors under their care, custody or control (hereafter also included in “I” or “my”) to assume full responsibility for the risks identified herein and those risks not specifically identified. Guest hereby releases from liability and waives any and all claims that he/she has or may have in the future against Hora Management Program LLC and its members, principals, agents, officers, employees, and representatives (collectively “Releasees”) as well as the landlord/owner of the Property.

7.           Guests understand and acknowledge that being in or near the ocean presents various risks and hazards, including strong currents, unexpected wave activity, floating debris and other potential hazards. Guest assumes all such risks associated with being near or in the ocean.

8.           Guests agree to fully and forever release and discharge, and not to sue Releasees for any injuries or damages, including property damage that may result from arise out of or be related in any way to my rental and stay at the Property. If any portion of this Document shall be declared unenforceable for any reason, the unenforceable portion shall be considered severed from the Document and the remainder of the Document shall not be affected and shall be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.

9.           By accepting this rental I (Guest) assume all risk on behalf of myself and all accompanying Guests, and take full responsibility and waive any claims of personal injury, death or damage to personal property associated with activities and events during or related to the stay in the subject property.


• Follow “Pool Rules and Regulations” posted at all times.

• Shirts and shoes must be worn in the building common areas at all times.

• Never bring items covered with sand into building or apartment.

• You are required to check out of apartment at agreed upon check-out time. If you are found to have overstayed checkout, a full-day rate will be applied to your credit card on file.

• Always leave air conditioner running leaving thermostats between 71 and 73 degrees when leaving apartment or upon checkout. Thermostats should be set on COOL and AUTO.

• Please close lights and window shades to save energy.

• If provided to you be sure to return any manual keys before checkout.

• Do not leave windows or doors open.

• Be sure to leave room safe open before checkout.

• Check all outlets for phone and tablet chargers.


Cold Climate: Miami Beach is generally a tropical warm climate location. Unfortunately weather patterns change and only Mother Nature has control of climate. There is no heat provided in most all buildings in Miami Beach. The digital  thermostats are manufactured with a heat setting but that’s only because they are made for dual use and they don’t make a digital thermostat that has only AC settings. So don’t be confused by this. 


If the temperature is frigid we recommend turning AC to “off” as the only air that will blow is cool regardless of how you set the thermostats. You can heat up the kitchen and hopefully the adjoining area by turning on the stove top burners but be careful not to have anything flammable close by or empty pots or pans on the burners.


Poolside Cabanas: We host families with small children, bachelor and bachelorette groups all the time. Often on one of the days the group of this size rents 1 or 2 (each allows 6) of our balcony poolside cabanas with private bathrooms and dressing room along with lounges. We assign special hostess or host from the bar that provides individual service and a 10% discount for food and beverages purchased. We can also provide champagne on ice and if you want to decorate the cabanas, you can. 


Shipments: If you need to have something shipped or delivered to the building, the building's security team located in front of lobby will hold packages for you until your arrival. When you arrive you should approach the concierge or security team to claim your items. If these are larger items Valet can deliver the packages directly to your apartment upon arrival.


When you order items online make sure you label the packages accordingly. Your Name, c/o The Alexander 5225 Collins Avenue (add apartment number) Miami Beach, FL 33140.


It is suggested that you take care of the delivery no more than 2 days before the date of arrival. Any shipments made and any perishables delivered are at your own risk.

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