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Please make sure to collect all personal belongings including phones, iPad and laptop chargers. Check under beds.


- Remove any items from drawers, closets, etc.


- Pile all dirty towels in the laundry room. 


- Leave sheets and linens on beds, our cleaning staff will remove.


- Return all TV remote controls to their respective TV’s


- Make sure all windows are closed and any doors leading to outside are shut. Please close main floor window shades if possible.


- Place all used kitchen utensils in the dishwasher and larger items leave in the sink. Please start the dishwasher. Pods usually found underneath the kitchen sink. 


- Place all trash bags in garage. Please make sure they are sealed tightly. 


- PLEASE throw away any OPEN perishable foods and seal in a garbage bag. Please do not leave any OPEN foods exposed unless it's left in the refrigerator. 


Do NOT turn off air conditioning, it should remain ON at 72 degrees 


- Close all main lights


- Please email us to confirm you have checked out at


Thank you for being respectful guests, we hope you enjoyed your stay and earned your 5-star review to maintain our SUPERHOST status.




Managers Mark, Evan and Avi

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